Explaining Plastic Extrusion

What is plastic extrusion and how does it work? A question a lot of people in plastics manufacturing know about and some are curious about. In this post we will talk about what is involved in the process and how it can help make your business better and more efficient. There are plenty of reasons to consider using this manufacturing technique and we will go into some of that as well. Let us start with the machine itself. Continue reading

Plastic in Hobbies

Plastic is an amazing thing. You can accomplish so much now because it is commonly available and easy to use. The advent of three dimensional printing has even made it so much more desirable now days. It is simply amazing what you can accomplish with a small spool of plastic cord and a three dimensional printer. In today’s world it is used in so many applications including one of coolest hobbies: Miniature War Gaming. So, we are going to discuss some of the benefits that it has brought to this hobby and how it makes it much more affordable to the everyday gamer.
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Extruded Plastic Manufacturing

Extrusion of plastic is a method of manufacturing many common products that are made in industry. The basic concept behind extrusion is that its melted forced through the extruder. It works in a way that is similar to how many kinds of pasta are made. When it exits the machine after being forced through, it has been given a specific shape depending on the product being manufactured. This shape could be almost anything from mono-filament fishing line, to water pipes, to siding for a house. The number of different products that can be made using extrusion is almost unlimited. It is pretty safe to say that the US would not be the same if it weren’t for extruded plastic. Let’s examine more closely some of the details that are involved.

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3 Benefits of Plastic Extrusion

Being in the production industry can be a very stressful job, but it is necessary in order to manufacture goods that are used all over the world. For businesses that are in the production of plastic goods, finding the right equipment to make their production process easier is a top concern. One of the best processes that are used in the production of plastic products is extrusion, which melts down the plastic and then forms it to certain pre-determined shapes as they cool. The following are a few of the benefits. Continue reading

Why Industry Continues To Use Plastic Extruders

As consumers continue to demand newer, smaller, lighter technologies, one aspect of the plastic industry stands at the top of the plastic manufacturing world. Despite being “old-technology”, the use of plastic extruders remains the preferred method of manufacturing plastics for many industries including military-grade, automobile and FDA-regulated plastics. The demand for specialized plastics continues to grow because industry standards require unique profiles. Assorted options for manufacturing custom profiles at high-volumes and low-cost can only be achieved using plastic extruder technology.

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What You Should Know About Plastic Extrusion

When you think of plastic, what do you think of? Oftentimes, most people will think of a plastic object right in front of them. There are so many objects out there made of plastic, from your keyboard to your dashboard, that there is likely a plastic item within your reach right now. Most of the plastic that we use comes from plastic extrusion. This is the process that manufacturers use to create their parts. If you are interested in the process, read on for more information.

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