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Since its inception, Hall has been a mainstay in the industries we serve, with a continuing reputation for innovation and quality which gives our customers a competitive edge.


Hall Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1946 by William W. Hall, a grand nephew of John Royle of Paterson, New Jersey, the inventor and patent holder of the original extruder. Originally starting business in Bergen County, New Jersey, we outgrew our original production facilities twice before moving to our present facility in Ringwood, New Jersey, in 1977.


Hall Manufacturing is proud to provide plastic components that people benefit from every day. We support the Point-of-Purchase (POP) industry, with moldings and display parts that bring consumer products to life. We provide custom tubing for water filtration systems and pumps. Our traffic delineators are visible on guiderails and dividers throughout the New York Metropolitan area and beyond.

We also serve the marine and sporting goods industries, produce covers for electrical tools and fixtures for interior design. We extrude a multitude of rails, tracks and sliders for refrigeration equipment, storage shelves and conveyors.


The uses of our extrusions are always changing, and we never shrink from new opportunities or challenges to meet our customers' needs.

Many of our customers initially reached out to us to fix a large expensive problem which we could have anticipated and prevented for much less at the start. Bring your profile extrusion needs to the best first, and benefit from our proactive approach to problem solving.